8 Genius Tips For Spring Cleaning

Unfortunately it’s almost that time of year where spring cleaning is a must! Lucky for you we are here to make it a bit easier on you. Start using these cleaning tips you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

1. Clean Faucet
lemons-for-hardwaterUse a sliced lemon to clean up your faucets. Remove all those ugly hard water stains and make your bathroom shiny and spotless.


2. Microfiber Couch
microfiberI love how comfortable microfiber couches are but unfortunately the hold onto the tinniest stain. Using one ingredient you can clear up your couch in no time! Directions here.


3. Make Your Pans Shine
Pans-1Make your old nasty pans new! Use a tiny bit of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap with tea tree and start scrubbing!


4. Tiny Toy Cleaner
washing-lego-2Put your legos or small toys in a mesh laundry bag and then into the washer. Quick and effective way to clean old toys!


5. Clean Iron
255579347574712167_hG7lxpbo_cClean you iron by ironing over a handful of salt on your ironing board. Have your iron set on the highest setting with the steam turned off.


6. Fresher Towels
Towels_textGet rid of mildew stink on your towels by using vinegar! Instructions for fresher towels here.


7. Clean Your Toothbrush
How-to-Clean-a-Toothbrush-NaturallyNaturally clean your toothbrush! Let your toothbrush sit in a cup of white vinegar for 15 to 30 minutes.


8. Magic Way to Clean Your Oven
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.23.36 PMClean up your grimy oven with this awesome trick! Check it out here.


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