8 Exercises to do at your desk without looking like a weirdo

Sitting at your desk all day is not good for your body! Our body needs some stretches and movement every once in awhile. We would love to be able to jump up and do some workouts…but that may look a little strange. Use these 8 exercises to discreetly workout at your desk!

1. Easy Abs

“I’ll put my butt at the edge of my seat, then lean backwards so my back is almost against the back of the chair, but not quite. Then I’ll hold myself like that until my abs burn. It kind of looks like you’re just leaning back, so it doesn’t look weird. One time I did that all day, and my abs were legitimately sore the next day!” (via)

2. The stairs are your friend!
Skip the elevator and always use the stairs! This is an easy way to wake you up, work your legs, and get a quick burst of energy!

3. Replace your chair with a ball
Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. Remember to keep good posture. To keep your balance each time you move you will be working your core muscles!

4. Desk Cycle
Get a desk cycle. This is a small workout machine you can put under your desk. Peddle slow and steady. It will help you have better concentration throughout your day.

5. Butt Clenches
Want a firmer butt? Get it at work! While you’re sitting at your desk clench your butt for 10 seconds at a time.

6. The “I don’t know” shrug
This helps to stretch your shoulders. Simply raise your shoulders, hold for 5 seconds, then relax.

7. Leg Toning Chair

In this video Nicole shows you to to discreetly tone your legs while at a desk.

8. Switch It Up
-Park farther away from the office.
-Use the toilet on different floors and use the stairs to get there.
-Make sure you take a walk at least once an hour. Go to the printer, toilet, kitchen (via)


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