8 Crazy Uses For Dryer Sheets!

I have a huge box of dryer sheets sitting in my laundry room, and recently, I bought another one. It was on sale, and I like to stock up, but I also like the fact that I can use them for more than just softening my laundry. They are incredibly versatile, and excluding a few “wives tales” about how they repel insects and rodents, they can do a lot of surprising things!

10.27g1. Remove that soap scum!

This tip is my favorite, so it goes first on this list! I HATE scrubbing away at stubborn soap scum, and I hate the way those heavy cleaners make my bathroom smell right afterwards. Since it’s not heavily ventilated, that chemical smell can lurk in my bathrooms for days. Just rub a moist dryer sheet in small circles on the scum and when you rinse it off, everything should be good as new! I have a rather large shower and ended up using 4 dryer sheets, but it was well worth it! My shower is gorgeous without all of the intense scrubbing!

2. Tame your flyaways!

This one is great for a last minute fix before you run out the door. When the humidity rises, so does my hair – literally! The flyaways are outrageous, and if I stand in the sunlight, it looks like I have a golden halo! Run a dryer sheet over your hair to smooth down those stray strands. It gets rid of the static and the frizz, and keeps your hair from sticking up throughout the day. I keep a sheet in my purse inside of a little plastic baggie for hair emergencies outside of the house!

10.27h3. Freshen your car!

While some people claim that this method also keeps your car bug and mosquito free, it will keep your car smelling fresh for longer than most car fresheners! The box of dryer sheets will last for months, while those little things that hang on your rear-view mirror or your vents will stop working in a week or two. They cost the same, but one is much more useful. And since you now know a few tricks to use, having a dryer sheet handy in the car might help you out when your flyaways get unmanageable!

4. Pick up pet hair off of clothes!

Yes, you read that correctly. Sure, a lint roller will work, too, but when I can’t find the lint roller and I’m wearing black, I am not about to spend 15 minutes trying to pick off each individual hair! I find that this trick works best if I push the dryer sheet down in one direction over and over. The hair “rolls” onto itself and makes it easy to pluck off the whole wad! Plus, I smell like I just did laundry, so that’s a plus!

10.27i5. Freshen your house in seconds!

Yes, lay a few dryer sheets against the back of a fan (not too many!) and let the fan do all of the work! This is a great trick when you have unexpected company or didn’t have time to light candles before guests arrive. The dryer sheets will stay put as long as the fan is on, and the house will quickly smell like a fresh load of laundry! That nice “homey” scent in just a few seconds.

6. Clean your clothes iron!

If you get glue, gunk, or buildup on your iron, use a dryer sheet to remove the unwanted debris! Turn the dryer on to the lowest setting and rub a dryer sheet in small circles until the layers of junk come off. It won’t take long, and it’s easier than trying to wash or scrub the surface without damaging the electrical parts or the dryer’s surface.

10.27j7. Remove deodorant stains!

Perfect! I love this hack. The dryer sheet removes deodorant stains so quickly, and you won’t have to awkwardly rub at your clothing with toilet paper in the bathroom to try and clean it off! This is another reason that I keep emergency dryer sheets in my purse! Nothing is more embarrassing than leaving the house and realizing this fashion blunder when it’s too late to change!

8. Freshen smelly shoes!

THIS is a life saver once the kids start playing sports in the summer time! Their shoes can get so SO smelly in a matter of seconds! When they get home and kick off their shoes, I stuff a crumpled up dryer sheet into each one to keep the smell at bay under I can wash them at the end of the week! You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this makes. I used to use baking soda, but I found myself using too much, and it just got everywhere, no matter if I tied it into a cloth or paper towel. Seriously, use a dryer sheet. This tip will change your life.

I love these tips, and I use all of them! Dryer sheets are cheap, they smell great, and although they have never repelled a mosquito or pests from my garden, I won’t rule that possibility out just yet! What do YOU use dryer sheets for?

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