8 Behaviors Your Cat Will Use To Tell You That He LOVES You! (Or At Least Mildly Tolerates Your Presence…)

Have you ever seen your cat do something strange and wondered what he could possibly be thinking? Well, this is about as close as we may ever come to truly reading our cat’s mind! These aren’t an exact science, but you may recognize a few of these behaviors in your own cat!

1. Showing his belly


The belly and abdominal area on animals is their most vulnerable spot. Much like dogs, they will show their belly only when they are comfortable and trust you not to attack them.

2. Staring

Have you ever been in the middle of a good book and suddenly…you feel EYES on you? That’s probably your cat staring at you from across the room. He is expressing trust and wants you to know it.

3. Purring

Perhaps the most obvious of all signs is a happy purr. To a cat, this is the equivalent of a long hug, a smile, or even a kiss! They love you and are satisfied with whatever it is you’re doing.

4. Bringing “gifts”


Even though this shocking display of affection can scare us on our way out of the door, it means that kitty cares about your well-being. Basically, he’s saying, “hey, I don’t want you to die. Please eat something.” We think so, anyway.

5. Curling his tail

Most cats display their tail curled up as a gesture of pride. They may be pleased with themselves or you and your acceptable head rubs.

6. Kneading

There are a few theories for why cats continue to knead into adulthood. It may be left over habits from kneading their mothers to start lactation, marking their territory, or even just returning affection. Either way, those little kneading motions are rather soothing. A little to the left, kitty!

7. Nibbling

These little nips are not aggressive. In fact, they can be quite cute! Between cats, this behavior means that they just want to play. With you (or your clothing) it can mean the same thing. They trust you and want to play – but they don’t realize that our skin is quite a bit more delicate than their own.

8. Head butting


Your cat head butts you whenever he wants to be close to you. This might mean he wants you to pet him, or it may mean he just wants to say hello before darting off to another room.

What do you think? Are these spot-on, or do they need some work? I bet you have a TON of kitty behaviors to add to this list! 

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