8 Bathroom Hacks That Will Change Your Life


bathroom rolled towels

If you think a small bathroom poses a big problem, wait until you read our hacks that will help you maximize every inch inside. All it takes is a little ingenuity to get things done.

1. Believe in the magic mirror.
Add a large mirror to increase the amount of light inside your itty-bitty bathroom. This visual trick makes it seem that there’s more space to move around freely.

bathroom above door2. Use the space above your head.
Look up and check out the space above the door. This can be an extra storage space for towels, cleaning supplies, and other materials you won’t frequently use. Put a book shelf and you can tuck items above with ease.




bathroom bins3. Reach for small items faster.
The only cabinet in your bathroom is probably packed with different items like toothbrushes, nail polishes, and lipsticks, which are hard to find. Stick mini pods on the back of the door for these tiny items, so you can get them faster.





bathroom bobby pins4. Line-up bobby pins.
Stick a magnetic strip behind the door and line-up all your bobby pins. This very useful tip might have just made your day. You’re welcome.


5. Hang another shower rod.
Who says you can’t have two shower rods? Hang another above the tub and use it to hold baskets and scrubs. The trick is to put holes along the rod to drain water.

bathroom pull out6. Pull-out cabinets for storage.
The cabinets you have in your kitchen can also be used in the bathroom. Pull-out designs are perfect to store cleaning products and keep them away from children.




7. Create multiple towel racks.
Most of the bathrooms you see only have one towel rack. Why hang one when you can install three or four? This saves you more space and maximizes the functionality of your door.

bathroom rolled towels28. Roll those towels.
There’s a good reason why clothes are rolled when you pack them inside the suitcase. This also goes with towels in the bathroom. Roll them up to save space and leave them feeling fresh at the same time.



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