7th Grade Boy Uses First Aid Skills To Save Spanish Teacher’s Life

A 7th grader was given the Boyscout’s Heroism Award after he saved his Spanish teacher’s life during class.

Mrs. Pastorini stood up from her desk suddenly, clutching her throat and was beginning to turn red. She couldn’t breathe and tried to attract the attention of the students for help. The other children were stunned and didn’t know what to do…but Jake Little realized that no one else was going to help, and that is when he rushed into action.11-10a5

Using skills learned in a first aid class that earned him his first boyscout badge, he gave his choking teacher the Heimlich maneuver, saving her life.

She has called him a hero, as have many others.

He doesn’t consider himself a hero, and says that he was just following the oath that he took when he joined the boyscouts, to help people in need at all times.

He was awarded the Heroism Award, and his family is incredibly proud. His sister reports that he is a lot more popular at school, but he still thinks that if the other children had been given his training, they would have done exactly the same thing.

Have you attended a first aid class, or learned CPR? Many people have not, but stories like this are proof that you never know when you might need to step in and save someone’s life. Hopefully, you will never need to use the skills that you learn in class…but you won’t regret learning if you ever need to use them!


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