79-Year-Old Man Discovers Life Savings STOLEN By Caretaker. Calls 911 After Two Days With No Food…

On a freezing day in Tennessee, 911 dispatch received a horrifying phone call and knew that they had to do something fast.

A 79-year-old man picked up the phone and dialed 911. He had already gone two days without food and had nowhere else to turn. The weather was too difficult for him to brave on his own to go to the store, and even if it had calmed down, he wouldn’t have been able to buy anything. His caretaker, he confessed, had emptied his bank account and run off with all of his savings. He was scared and hungry. The only thing he asked for was a bit of food.

Four officers responded to the dispatch call, and when they looked through his cupboards, realized that they were completely empty. The officers,┬áBrian Gray, Nathan Bolton, Buddy Odom and Adam Runions, pooled their money and bought the man a month’s worth of groceries, packing his refrigerator and pantry with essentials and ready-made meals.
They then began an investigation in earnest to apprehend the caretaker and try to recover the man’s savings.

In the end, the caretaker was caught, and the man’s savings were restored!

The officers were so affected by the events, they started a community pantry for the elderly in the area, getting help and donations from other citizens. No one should ever be in this situation again, they insisted, and the community banded together to help others in the future.

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