78-Year-Old Man Donates Extensive Tool Collection AND His Own Expertise To Local “Tool Library”

Thanks to a man named Dave Merry, the St. Paul Tool Library has twice as many tools available to the public as it first did. When people first start to do repairs at home, many don’t realize just how expensive the tools that they need actually are. The tools need to be sturdy and reliable, and that can end up costing hundreds of dollars of investment that people just don’t have.

So, this community decided to try something new. To help the environment by sharing resources (and lessening the demand for new tools), sharing a workshop space, and even renting out space for materials, this library charges a monthly fee. The library reached out to the community for donations but never thought that locals would answer the call so spectacularly. Over half of the tools came from one man: Dave. His wife had to be moved to an assisted living center, and there was no longer space for his expansive tool collection. Instead of letting it go, he donated it to the library.

He spends a good part of his day at the library, sharing is knowledge with others and teaching them how to use the tools and learn new techniques.

He does it for the memory of his older brother, George, who died at the age of 21 when Dave was only 15.

It just meant a lot to me do something with wood and know that George would have done it too,” Dave said.

Does your community have a tool library?

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