70 Years After He Walked Away…He Returned With One BREATHTAKING Question!

Roy and Nora first met at school in 1940. They hit it off straight away and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, that is where the story comes to a grinding halt. When the war broke out, Roy was shipped off to the fighting. They were engaged to be married before he left, but when he returned…he was a different person altogether.


The war had taken its toll on Roy, and he broke off the engagement due to his mental state. Roy had PTSD and wasn’t able to give Nora the life she deserved.

Nora used to come and see me in the hospital and stayed with me as long as she could, but in the end I wanted to be on my own and she gave me the ring back.”

She¬†left, and he broke contact, seemingly never to return…

Until 70 years later, he wanted to find her again.

Roy went on a local radio show and spoke to the host about his lost love! The host then helped him to track down Nora’s information, but the most they could find was an address.

Roy wasn’t sure if Nora had a family, but he decided to try his luck anyway. With a bouquet of flowers and the confidence of a changed man. He wanted to apologize. He wanted her to know that he was sorry for the way he left. He wanted to make things right.4.15a21As soon as Norma opened the door, she recognized Roy at once! She flung open her arms and embraced him, giving him the biggest kiss of his life! She thought that she would never see him again…and she was glad to be wrong! He asked her to marry him and gave her the original ring that she had parted with all those years ago. The couple plans to marry as soon as possible, and pick up where they left off!

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