70-Year-Old Mistakenly Wins The Lottery After The Clerk Mixes Up His Purchase!

Dante Castillo was 70 years old when he won the lottery, and it was all by accident.

The man from Lakewood, New Jersey usually prefers to enter the lottery by choosing his own numbers, but this time, fate had other ideas…but we don’t think that he’s complaining!

He purchased a few tickets from a convenience store to enter the Cash4Life jackpot, but the clerk accidentally sold him one Quick Pick ticket. Instead of being allowed to pick his own numbers, he received a ticket with randomly-generated numbers chosen by a computer. It wasn’t the way he normally entered the lottery, but it was already done. He took the ticket home and waited…

His disappointment didn’t last long, though! The ticket was a winner! It matched the five drawn numbers, but not the cash ball. Still, he and his wife chose the option of taking the $1 million dollar prize as a lump sum instead of receiving $1,000 a week for life. At 70 years of age, no one blamed them!

The convenience store clerk who mistakenly mixed up Castillo’s tickets was glad – the store will receive $10,000 as a bonus for selling the winning ticket!

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