7-Year-Old’s “School” DEMANDS That He Be Allowed To Work On His Most Important Class ALL NIGHT!!

7-year-old Nathan got in trouble with his “school” because his parents weren’t letting him focus on the most important class of the day: Video Game Class.

Mom found this note lying around one day after school and couldn’t believe it! The school was telling all parents that their children needed to practise for their video game class, and they sent home a letter because Nathan wasn’t doing so well. (Transcribed below!)

Dear Parents,

Nathan has been doing good in all his classes, exept for VIDEO GAME CLASS! If he does not stay up all night playing video games, he will get kicked out of school!!! Stat letting him stay up all night, & start tonight! He can play anything, computer, Wii, iPod, iPad, phone & any other elecktronick.


The School.”

Mom reports that she picked the letter up, read it, and looked over at her son…who couldn’t keep the smirk off of his face! She asked him what it was, and he knew the jig was up – he told her that he had written it for fun and they both got a good laugh! For a 7-year-old boy, he’s got some pretty great spelling going on there!

Mom suspects that Nathan included the “iPad” to make the letter seem less personal as the family doesn’t own one…and maybe that was just him hinting that they needed one!

What would you do if you found a letter like this from your child?

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