7-Year-Old’s Birthday Wish Comes True After Dad’s Secret Plan Goes Into Action

Dominic was turning 7, but the one thing he wanted in life wasn’t a new toy or video game…his wish was for his family. What he wanted the most in the world was for his parents to finally get married.

Thanks to a bit of research, Eamon Hall knew exactly what his son’s birthday wish was going to be and made the preparations ahead of time, making sure that family would be around to take pictures of the entire moment! Dominic’s mom, Samantha, had no idea what was about to happen.

She stood behind her son as he blew out the candles on his cake and made his birthday wish…but she was a little confused when Eamon asked his son what his wish had been. Didn’t they know it was bad luck to talk about a wish?

I wished for mommy and daddy to get married!” He said.

And Eamon dropped to one knee.
It was perfect and sweet, and Samantha was stunned! She hadn’t been expecting it and couldn’t answer at first. When she could finally speak again, she said ‘yes!’

Dominic was so excited, he got onto his chair and couldn’t contain his excitement!In his enthusiasm, he shouted out:

I’m gonna be a son!”

Much to the amusement of everyone there, the adorable boy had gotten his birthday wish…even if he was already¬†a son!

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