7-Year-Old Trolls His Favorite Teacher After She Assigned Homework Over The Holiday Break

Lisa Vale’s 7-year-old son was given a bit of homework to complete over the 3-week holiday break. Like most children, he put the work off to the very last minute. When she sat him down and insisted that he complete the work, he decided to have a little bit of fun with it. The teacher who assigned the work also happens to be his favorite teacher, and he knew that she would probably laugh at his answers…so he decided to do the work in style!

He practiced his spelling words with as much flair (and disdain for homework in general) as possible!
1. I’m so over homework.

2. No one likes homework.

3. Little kids hate homework.

4. I can not stand home work.

5. Can you name two kids that like homework?

6. That homework stinks.

7. My cat pooped out my homework.

8. Who said homework is fun?

9. Why is there homework when school is off?

10. There are three groups that hate homework.

  • Kids
  • Teenagers
  • Parents

He ended the assignment with one bold statement about the environment:
She thought his answers were so silly that she just had to share his antics online! Parents across the globe thought her son was hilarious, and even teachers got a kick out of the assignment.

A growing number of teachers on the post admitted that they hated giving out homework – especially over the holidays – and were often forced to do so by the schools, so seeing the students having fun with these mandatory assignments was a breath of fresh air!

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