7-Year-Old Has Day Made Thanks To This “Genrus” Delivery Driver!

Anna has wanted a dog for some time now, but was never able to get one because of her severe allergies. When her cousins got a new puppy at the beginning of the year, the little girl was even more upset because no matter how much she wanted one, it would never happen. So, she set her sights on a goal that she thought she could achieve with patience and perseverance; getting a pony.

Now, before we all jump to conclusions, Anna’s mother explained that her daughter has always been concerned about endangered species, so she wanted to raise funds to help other animals, too. She couldn’t have a dog, so she wanted a pony…and it got her thinking about other animals that weren’t able to be adopted because of people who have allergies.

She is starting small. She set out a piggy bank on her front porch with a note attached:

Pet money

Please give genrusly.

Thank you.


When the delivery driver showed up at their home to delivery mom’s groceries, he saw the little piggy bank sitting there and asked mom about it. Mom explained about her daughter’s big dreams and what she hoped to do with the money. He was so touched that he asked to contribute, so she called Anna over to thank the man in person.

For the rest of the day, Anna couldn’t stop talking about the man! “Can you believe how that man was so kind?” She kept asking mom. She posted the adorable story on Facebook and was soon contacted by the company because they wanted to thank their delivery driver, too.

He showed little Anna that even the smallest amount of kindness can go a long way!

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