7-Year-Old Hands Mom A Penny And Tells Her To “Get Something Useful.” His Idea Of “Useful” Is Too Perfect!

Tina R. had her day made when her 7-year-old son, Marcus, walked over to her with purpose and handed her a single penny. At first, she was a bit confused, but he explained while holding it out for her: “Here mom. Go get something useful.”

Since a single penny isn’t enough for anything, she wanted to get to the bottom of her son’s actions. She asked him what he thought would be useful, and his answer has gone viral for the best reasons.

Mom, I think it’d be best if you bought pizza. Pizza would bring world peace. Everyone loves pizza. If we could all just sit down and eat pizza together, the world would be a lot happier of a place.’ I can’t decide if I should laugh or hug him.” She wrote.

The ended up buying two pizzas and sharing them together, having a family discussion about how to keep world peace.

we talked about how world peace starts with families sitting at dinner together. It was the sweetest moment. Also, we received another penny because we bought an extra pizza. I sure do love his heart.”

While he may not fully grasp the concept of money or how much things cost, he knows what really matters in life. Family, happiness, kindness, and a giving spirit are qualities that mom is proud to see in her son, and thousands of people agree!

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