7 Ways To Make Money Off Of The Junk In Your Garage!

…Or in your attic, the spare bedroom, that hall closet, and anywhere else you find an accumulation of, well, stuff! I save everything. If I’m going to throw something out, I need a very good reason to do so. Some people don’t have that problem, but for me, those piles crowding the guest bedroom are just another place I need to dust every month. With a little creativity and a bit of perserverence, those piles of “junk” can be turned into cash! Inventory the junk in your house and see if you can make money off of your junk this weekend!

10.28b1. Garage sale.

Yes, this is the most obvious solution, but that is because it’s a good one! Go through the junk that you don’t want sitting around your house and set it aside. Decide on the prices that you want to sell them for…and cut that number roughly in half. I know that old food processor cost $100 at the store, but a passerby would rather go to the store than buy your used one. Price it at $75 and haggle your way down to $50! It was just taking up space in your kitchen cabinets, anyway. The goal of a garage sale is to get rid of the clutter and make a little bit of cash. Post signs a day or two in advance (if this is allowed where you live) and tie balloons and streamers to your front lawn so that people will notice your sale from down the block!

If you know of a neighbor who is hosting a garage sale, ask if you can put a table out on their lawn, too. The extra items will bring in more people, and you’ll benefit by not having to set up an entire sale by yourself!

2. Consider a consignment store or flea market.

If you know of one in your area, find out what the requirements are and rent out a small area to display and sell items that would be considered a novelty. This can be anything from old furniture to collector’s items. You never know what will sell at these shops, so take a walk around before you set up your area and see what other people are buying!

3. Sell your stuff online.

The internet is a great place to start if you don’t feel like hosting a garage sale or renting out a booth at a flea market. eBay and Amazon are some of the biggest markets out there, but there are smaller sites as well if you think selling online is an option for you. Research the average prices similar to your items in order to get a fair deal out the the goods you want to sell and watch the cash roll in!

4. Recycle.

A lot of manufacturers will offer discounts and perks when you recycle used or broken items. From electronics to plastics, you can get benefits from turning in old products for new ones. Search online for any ways to recycle for a profit in your area. The resources will surprise you!

5. Get your antiques valued!

If you have old furniture or random items from your childhood, grandparents, or even great-grandparents, head to an antique store and let them take a look at your stuff! These items might be worth a lot more than you think. A few of my dad’s old toys from the 40s ended up being worth a small fortune! You never know when the junk you have might actually be treasure!

6. Keep track of your donations and get tax breaks.

When you donate your items to charity, you qualify for tax deductions. Keep your receipts and any paperwork that the charity has to offer. It will take a few more forms to fill out during tax season, but those extra dollars in your pocket will be worth it at the end of the year!

10.28a7. Get creative.

Even if you aren’t a “crafty” kind of person, you might be able to make and sell unique crafts out of the junk lying around your house! One year, I decided to re-do all of my Christmas decorations. Instead of throwing away the old ornaments and frills, I attached them to a wreath and sold it to a neighbor’s friend who offered to give me $60 for it! There are a lot of crafts that you can do with old items, so get creative and see if you can make something worth selling online!

It won’t happen overnight, but if you stick to your goals and focus on clearing out your unwanted clutter, you will make some extra money and clear out your home! Get creative and start trading in those piles of junk for some extra cash!

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