7 Ways To Hack Old Furniture And Create REALLY Awesome Stuff For Your House!

My garage is like an old furniture graveyard! I hate to throw out furniture that isn’t broken, but when I can’t fit it into my house, I don’t really have anywhere else to put it. These are some easy hacks that you can create over a weekend and make use of those pieces that are just collecting dust! Go through this list and see if any of these awesome ideas catch your eye!

10.26b1. Turn an old crib into a new desk!

I love this idea because it is so versatile! This can be a craft station, a homework station, or a LEGO station! You can customize this based on what your child is interested in, and the best part is that you don’t have to spend money on a desk for their room! You’ll need to raise the base so that your kids (or your grand kids!) can sit comfortably and find some chairs that will fit underneath. Add a cork board so that they can hang pictures or “notes” and create a unique experience that will make your life easier, too! Plus, it’s just so adorable!



2. Turn an ugly or broken filing cabinet into garage storage!

Remove the drawers and any loose attachments on the inside of the cabinet. There are a lot of different ways you can customize this project – but the best way to start is by sanding down the outside of your cabinet! If you plan on painting or decorating it, starting with a rough surface will help your new paint stick to the old metal. If you don’t feel like putting that much effort into re purposing this project, you can always spray paint it or leave it as-is! This is a better way to store your rakes, shovels, mops, brooms, and gardening tools.

10.26c3. Turn a wobbly stool upside-down!

If that stool no longer functions well, or maybe you’re just redecorating, turn it upside down! You might want to paint it, but this is great for taller stools that need a new home. They will fit nicely into the corner and can be easily tucked away when you’re not using them! You can put a large trash bag in this and use it as a hamper, or store your wrapping supplies for those hard-to-store rolls that never want to stay put! It’s easy and cute!



10.26d4. Turn that old entertainment system into a KITCHEN!

When televisions began to make that transition to widescreen, a lot of our furniture needed to be upgraded in order to accommodate the wider screens. This left us with a lot of outdated furniture, and sadly, most of us just kept these aging sets in the garage or the attic. They weren’t ugly or broken, we just couldn’t use them anymore. That is, until some clever parents realized that this bulky set up could be transformed into a play kitchen for their kids! A fresh coat of paint and a little creativity can have your kids playing pretend in no time at all! Well, okay, possibly several hours over the weekend, but it’s still a great project!

10.26e5. Turn dining room chairs into a bench!

Don’t toss them out when you decide to redecorate! Whether you have several mis-matched chairs from old sets or a matching few, dress them up and create a fun bench for your back yard or front porch! By laying a single solid piece of wood down on top of them, you can extend the seats and still take advantage of their sturdy legs! Paint them to match or let the kids go crazy! If you have space in your foyer or living room, you can upholster these with a fun fabric! Cute and functional!

10.26f6. Turn a bookshelf into closet drawers!

Are you ready to get rid of that old bookshelf in the corner? Don’t! Anchor it to the wall in your kid’s closet for some added shelving! If you want to make little “drawers” you can purchase small baskets to put inside of the holes. It’s easier for you to organize than a large cluttered dresser, and it will help the kids learn to use their closet in an easier way. Paint it to match their room decor!



10.26g7. Turn a ladder into a towel rack!

Have an old or broken ladder? Detach the legs and anchor one end to the wall in your kitchen or bathroom! You’ll save space to hang towels or dish towels, and you’ll have a really cool piece of furniture that takes up almost zero space! I love this idea! If you’re using a wooden ladder, but sure to sand away any splinters or rough edges!

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