7 Unique Ways To Highlight Your Natural Beauty

Do you need a bikini body but don’t have time to workout more? Well we’re here to help! Body make-up, when used properly, can instantly give you a natural-looking beauty boost. Don’t worry, it’s really simple to do!

Follow these tips and blend, apply, and draw your way to realistic and instant pretty. The key things you need are highlighter, brazing powder, concealer, and a makeup brush! Check out these beauty boosting steps and enjoy the funny gifs along with each tip!

1. Make your breast look firmer and fuller by rubbing on a shimmering body balm or highlighter. These attract light that creates a very sexy appearance. Rub it over your collarbone, the top curve of your breasts, and follow the center of your cleavage.

2. Define your perky bum during swimsuit season. Use a bronzing powder to create shadows on top of and under your cheeks. Apply in a rounded M and W shaped lines and blend well.

3. Camouflage bruises, scars, stretch marks, body acne, and leg veins with the use of a concealer penicl or stick in a natural tone. Draw or line the spot of the blemish and lightly blend the concealer using your fingertips. You can further cover it up with foundation to blend better.

4. Fix splotchy skin tone with a self-tanner. Exfoliate the skin with a body scrub first then even out discolorations with the application of the tanner from the neck down.

5. Add more definition to your muscles with the help of a shimmer-free bronzing powder two shades darker than your skin. Take a cotton ball and brush the bronzer thinly along the lines of your muscles where indents show when you flex. Do this in layers to make the line thicker for a more natural look. This works best for your arms, claves, and abs – perfect pictures!

6. Enjoy instant leaner gams with a highlighter applied down the center of your thighs and calves. Do this for the front and back then blend well for a natural-looking finish.

7. Look effortlessly radiant from your shoulders to your knees with the help of a dry pink blush. Take a metal nail file and scrape a pearl-size scoop, mixed with equal parts shimmer-free bronzing powder. On your palm, blend these with a couple of pumps of body lotion until it takes a rosy hue. Not only will this give you a natural glow, you will also look more toned instantly.



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