7 Things Only Sisters Understand

sister brunettesThe amazing bond between sisters can be the best and worst at times. It makes them laugh the loudest, share deepest secrets, and quarrel about the littlest things. No matter how crazy sisters can get, one thing is for sure — they have each others back through the good and bad, and that’s something they only can understand.


1. Inside jokes are the funniest.
There’s no person in the world that can make you laugh the loudest than your sister. The inside jokes you share about the people in the mall or at a party is all the good time you need.

2. Compliments and criticisms are the same.
No matter what sisters say to each other, it’s all out of love. She’ll throw out a huge compliment one day, and give a stinging criticism the next. That’s how they want each other to become better.

3. Family events are endurance tests.
How you feel during a family event is the same as your sister, which is why you have to endure the event together. Although you greet relatives with a lip smile and a hug, you share all the complaints and side-comments after.

Like button4. “Likes” rain after you post on Facebook and Instagram.
That’s how much sisters support each other. Every single time you post, she has to click the first like. What comes next is a screaming message that she just did it for you.



5. No one can do evil things to you except your sister.
After doing an evil thing to your sister, all you can say is that you think it’s funny. This is probably the start of a very cold war, but she’ll forgive you eventually.

closet female6. Anything inside the closet is for sharing.
From the pretty dresses to stylish shirts and jeans, all the items inside one’s closet can be shared. They know how each other looks, and they even recommended what to wear for a certain day.



7. Sisters get more excited.
Is it a big job promotion or a new boyfriend? You’ll hear an excited scream from your sister that’s way louder than yours. That’s how she reacts when something good happens. Now give her a tight hug.

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