7 Things Moms Do Every Day That They Really Wish You Noticed

The reason why moms know best is because they ARE the best. However, their efforts often go unnoticed. Read this list of the awesomeness mothers do and give your mom a big hug afterwards.

sunrise1. Wake up earlier than everyone else.
Before you even feel bad about going to school or work tomorrow, your mom is ready to wake up ahead of everyone to prepare your uniforms and breakfast. Just imagine how much sleeping time she has after a busy day at the office.


mom balancing2. Balance the pressure of family and work.
This is how crucial the roles of mothers are — they have to find the balance between home and office tasks. We know it’s easier said than done, but incredible mothers pull this off on a daily basis and they never let one get affected by the other.



3. Take control of the kitchen.
Mothers never stop caring for their family especially on weekends. They always prepare delicious lunch and dinner for everyone. A loving family eats together, and they would appreciate a big hug and kiss to know you are satisfied with home cooking.

4. Solve the homework and quizzes of the kids.
Aside from handling the chores at home, mothers become an instant mathematician and scientist for their kids. Even though they have forgotten these things, they will find solutions and answers their kids will understand.

5. Clean the children’s mess in the house.
Moms look after their children’s mess whether these are toys in the living room or clothes in the bathroom. Aside from that, they also raid the rooms of their kids and fix the bed.

6. Find all the missing items and put things in place.
Where are your favorite shirt and jeans? Who took away the book you left on the table? All these questions are asked only to one person–mom. She doesn’t really know where these things are, but it’s incredible that she’s the only person who can find them.

mom clock7. Give more time for the family.
Before they even think of getting a massage or even a makeover, they think of their family first. They don’t mind not getting a fashionable hairdo or long eyelashes because they want to see to it that their family is fed well and happy.



mom flowers

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