7 Random Pictures Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Need a quick pick-me-up to get through the rest of your day? Sometimes, people upload the silliest things…and sometimes, they are just so sweet that it brings a smile to your face! These are some of the best pictures shared on the internet. Don’t worry, you’ll see why!

She send a quick text to her mother on Chistmas day. It wasn’t all that remarkable: “Hey mum” it said. But the reply she got back went viral and soften thousands of hearts all around the globe.Their local laundromat was closed for just two days, but the reason is heartwarming. Many people hoped that they took more than just two days off to visit family after such a long time! Her grandpa went out of his way to make sure his granddaughter could appreciate his new canine friend just as much as he did!
More people should tell guests this:A classic.This barber stopped what he was doing to give this customer’s pup a trim.Someone wondered why snails exist. What purpose do they serve? The answer is perfect.Too cute. Sometimes, people are just awesome.

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