7 Puppies Rescued From Under Old Shed After People Reported An “Aggressive Stray”

The community had complained of an elusive stray dog for months, but animal control had never been able to catch her. She wandered the streets in search of food and water, but never fell for the attempts to capture her. Animal control officers laid out traps and cages with food and treats, but she always managed to avoid them.

The weeks leading up to her eventual capture, community members began complaining that the dog had become aggressive, chasing people and barking anytime they happened to be near her.

The team finally tracked her to a crawlspace underneath an old shed. There were a lot of entrances, and it took them a few days to block all but one. While they were blocking the holes and gaps, they noticed that she was carrying milk. Suddenly, her increased aggressive behavior made sense: she’d had puppies!They sent an optic camera down into the space, but she had hidden the puppies too well. After finally catching the dog, whom they named Bex, they were able to retrieve seven puppies from under the shed.

The puppies were just two weeks old by the time they were discovered, and they are now at a local shelter while they grow strong. Once Bex warmed up to the officers, she dropped all aggression and they believe she will be ready for adoption as soon as her puppies reach 10 weeks of age!

These puppies will get a new chance at life thanks to the persistent animal control team!

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