7 Princesses (And 1 Prince) Walk Into A Courtroom For A 5-Year-Old Girl! MAGICAL!

Courtrooms aren’t fun places (unless you’re getting married), so to a 5-year-old girl, it can be really scary. She was nervous to go to her adoption hearing, but her foster care case worker came up with an idea to  ease her mind! They wanted her to feel at ease when they went through the final step to adopt their foster daughter, and were excited when the jury walked in…dressed as Disney princesses!
Danielle had been living with her foster family since 2014 and it was a natural fit. Little Danielle wanted to wear a princess outfit to her hearing, and everyone was more than happy to oblige! The hearing turned into a celebration, and it showed the compassion and care that everyone held for the girl and her family.The bailiff had a large balloon ready for the girl, and the case workers wore tiaras and carried sparkling scepters while they spoke of the girl’s future. Even the judge dressed as Snow White! The entire courtroom was full of smiles and well-wishes for the family who also adopted a 1-year-old girl previously. Their family is full of love and hope for the future as they make their way forward with their new family.

Children deserve to have their dreams come true. They deserve to be happy. They shouldn’t have to think about the difficult parts of life – and this courtroom will hopefully inspire others to do the same. Adoption is a happy time, and it should be celebrated just like this!

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