7 Money Saving Tricks: Dairy Edition

If milk, cheese, and other dairy products are essential parts of your daily diet, this one’s for you. Watch this short clip to get clever ideas on prolonging the shelf life of your precious ingredients. Cool tips for saving up on food budget are also here.

First item on the list is milk. This popular healthy drink can be stored in the freezer for 2 months. So if you’re heading down the grocery, you might want to look for a sale and buy cartons. Just like milk, cheese can also be frozen. However, you have to watch out because freezing can affect its texture. If you want, just thaw it in the fridge, put it in a plastic bag, and store it nicely before putting it out again.

These are just a couple of smart saving tricks you’ll learn in this video. Try these at home soon you’ll notice how you can cut costs and get more savings.


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