7 Mom Hacks To SURVIVE A Trip To The Grocery Store With KIDS!

One thing that I always hated as a kid was the weekly trip to the grocery store. It was so boring, and it took forever! What I realize now as a parent is that my mom probably hated it even more than we did! These tips are really great, and I didn’t even realize that I already do some of them on my weekly shopping trips too…but there are several that I’m going to add to my routines! Awesome!

Most people avoid the spaces near the carts because they are nervous about dents or scratches. As a mom, this spot is a life saver! It’s so much easier to load the kids into and out of the cart without having to leave them alone at any point! I’d trade a few light scratches for less of a headache getting in and out of the shopping trips in one piece.


Does your kid like to lick, touch, or hit the hard metal bar on the cart? Cut a pool noodle to fit the bars at your local grocery store and slip it on by cutting a line down one side. It will give them something to play with, and keeps those little fingers from getting pinched. Easy!


Plan your trip as much as possible! Make a list and write it down according to how your grocery store is organized. Avoid the snack and candy isle if possible! Preventing those tantrums and meltdowns is so much easier if you can avoid this section.

Tie your purse to the bar of your cart with a plastic bag to give you more space in your cart for groceries! Avoid this if the diaper bag or purse are on the heavier side, but this makes it easier to shop hands-free and still know exactly where your purse is at check-out.

It’s no fun when the bag of cereal spills out onto the floor! Trying to scoop it back up and mollify your now snack-less child can be avoided by stringing cereal onto a long piece of dental floss. This is by far my favorite hack – but if those nimble little fingers get curious, they can still take it off and throw it, so be aware!

Want to avoid two trips to the car but don’t have enough space on your arms to bring everything in? Load your groceries into a laundry basket! It’s easier to carry around and can make your trips to and from the car so much easier. I give the light/unbreakable things to the kids, but the rest is just so cumbersome. I need to start using this hack!
12.14e6 The BEST hack of all? Reduce the frequency of your trips by having a container in your fridge that contains all of your food that might spoil soon! Encourage your family to eat these FIRST. Wasted food means more trips to the store, and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid. See if this trick works for you!

12.14e7I hope you found a few useful hacks for your next grocery trip! Good luck!


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