7 Life Hacks For Moms And Dads! I Wish I Had Known About These Years Ago!

When it comes to being a parent, we need all the help that we can get. If we happen to be a working parent, you definitely need this extra support! These life hacks are small, but they can impact your daily life in a huge way! Any chance to save time and energy is welcome in my home. See if any of these can be useful to you!

1. Wear a robe over your work clothes in the morning.

This has saved me from so many stains! I can’t even count them. I (try to) get dressed before I leave my room in the morning, but I will always toss a bath robe over my clothes before I start making breakfast and getting the kids up for the day. Spills just happen so much more frequently when kids are involved, and tossing a dirty robe into the wash is so much easier than having to change an entire outfit before a busy day! This is my favorite tip, so I added it as #1!

2. Freeze stuck gum with an ice cube.

Did someone get gum stuck in their hair? I rarely have to use this trick because I have banned gum in my house, but it really works! Using an ice cube, hold it against the gum until it starts to harden. The clumped up gum will be easier to peel off of the hair and it won’t stick to any more strands while it’s cold. I’ve never had to chop off any hair with this method, so here’s hoping that it continues to work every time!

10.28h3. Add hot glue to the bottom of slippery booties.

I have tile floors, so everyone always wears shoes in the house when it’s too cold outside. For the wobbly toddlers, this is a great way to keep their teetering balance on those slippery floors! This works great! I didn’t spell out my kid’s name (it’s much too long for a shoe!) but I did add dots all along the bottoms of their house shoes to give them a little more traction on the tiles. It works well, and even though they might still fall down, it’s no longer because of a slippery floor!

4. Get the kids to help you clean.

This is a magical trick that still works in my house! I used to tell my kids, “it’s time to pick up your toys from the living room!” I would be answered with a chorus of “awwww I don’t want to!” One day, I decided to look up some different ways to get the kids more interested in helping around the house, and I came upon this gem. Instead of telling them to pick up their toys, I will give them 2 other options to choose from. “It’s almost dinner time. Do you want to sweep the floor, pick up your toys from the living room, or help me cook supper?” They chose to pick up their toys every time. I always thank them for helping, and there is only the occasional whining! I really hope this trick lasts forever…

10.28i5. Create no-cook play dough for rainy days.

Yes! When the kids are cooped up inside and there isn’t much to do, this recipe is easy and can be made with ingredients that I always keep on hand anyway. The kids get to pick out the colors that they want, and this special play time will keep them occupied for hours! I’ve never added glitter before because I am not a fan of trying to clean it up, but it sure is pretty! Try this one day and see if your kids love it as much as mine do!


6. Microwave your onions.

I hate that onions make me cry – especially because I chop one for every meal – so this trick seriously changed my life. Pop the onion into the microwave for 15 – 20 seconds before you start chopping. Miraculously, I can chop them without shedding tears and getting my nose all stopped up every night. Who knew? Try this out and see if it doesn’t change your life, too.

7. Keep a “diaper” basket in every room of the house.

If you have a kid or two still in diapers, put a container somewhere in each room that contains baby wipes, diapers in the sizes you need, and a changing blanket. I did not even bother with lugging my infant to the changing table (upstairs, I might add) every time it was time for a change, and the habit just sort of…happened. If there is a “diaper” kit in every room, there’s no need to stop what you are doing to change that diaper. It’s all right there, ready to go!

How did I go so many years without thinking of these? Well, at least I have them now and can share them with all of you! Do you use any of these hacks already? Which ones are your favorites?

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