7 Keys To Happiness That You’re Missing Out On

We all have to stop and smell the roses at one point, and enjoy the simple joys life can bring. The beauty of it is these aren’t always expensive possessions but little things that make us smile every day.

1. Fresh clothes

The comfortable feeling fresh shirts, socks, and underwear give is simply incomparable. Not only do they make you look clean, but they also put a smile on your face and give you more confidence before stepping out of the house.

2. A favorite song on the radio

Traffic on the highway is enough of a bummer that can make anyone feel upset and helpless. But when the DJ plays your favorite tunes, you’ll be singing and tapping on the wheel like it’s a breezy Sunday morning.

3. A warm bath

A long day at work sucks the energy out of most people. But it’s not a problem a good warm bath can’t solve. Turn on the shower and jump in the tub for a relaxing time.

4. Finding money in your room

Look, there’s an old 5-dollar bill on the floor! This stroke of luck will surely cheer you up and say it’s going to be a good day.

5. Catching the train before the door closes

Running late for work can put a frown on your face even before you get to the office. Catching the train just in time makes all the difference in the world.

6. Bubble wrap

Who here hasn’t had fun with bubble wraps? That popping sound can give joy even for adults, plus it is a great stress reliever.

7. Finding the missing pair of socks

If you have the habit of mixing your socks inside the clothes hamper, then chances are you have a number of pairs missing. When you’re able to find the missing piece somewhere, it feels like your pet has found its way home.

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