7 Holiday Treats That Will Spice Up Your Dessert Table! Yummy!

Nothing says “holiday” like delicious homemade treats! I grew up in a big family, so the holidays were always my favorite times because everyone would bring a platter of sweets that they had made. Pies, candies, cakes, chocolates…just about anything you could think of, it was there on that table! The best part about all of it was that mom and dad wouldn’t monitor what we were eating! It was a free-for-all. The cooler full of sodas was out there for the taking. The candies and treats were just waiting for me to eat them! I didn’t even have to wait until after the big meal! Holidays are the best. While I may have outgrown my insatiable need to consume sugary treats, that doesn’t mean I don’t bring some of the most delicious desserts to the table!


This has got to be the easiest holiday treat out there! Mix your rice crispy treats with food coloring to match the holiday. Instead of cutting them out into squares, use a cookie cutter and create festive and unique treats that will be gobbled up in no time at all! These were my favorites as a kid! Although they were never this cool. Just look at those colors!


Caramel Apple Trifles, anyone? This recipe is great because you can substitute different ingredients in order to fit your needs. These can be made with mousse, yogurt, cream, pudding…anything you want! This recipe also includes a way to make caramel from scratch instead of using any pre-made caramel from the store! Yes, please!


Turkey Cookie Pops! These are cute and the kids will love them! These cookie pops are really creative, but they might take a while to make so be sure to get some help from the kids! These are perfect to take center-stage at the desserts table! Be sure to snap a few pictures of your creations before they disappear!


This recipe is the perfect solution to make use of all of that leftover pie crust and filling! The funnest thing about these is that you can make them just a little bit sweeter than you would make the pumpkin pie! You don’t have to add on cute little eyes, but making use of the leftovers from your pies has never been easier! Or cuter, I might add.


These are precious! Mini Apple Pies, anyone? Sure, you could make one large pie and have a lot of leftover bits, or you could make a really fun array of teeny tiny cute pies that are bite-sized and equally delicious! I’m just saying, if I were 7 years old again, I know exactly which option I would choose. (It’s this one, in case you didn’t guess.)


Do you see these? These are amazing. You’ll need pumpkin flavored chocolate kisses and regular chocolate kisses. You’ll need mini Nilla Wafers. And if you want to get creative, pick up a marker made for food from the baking section at your grocery store! Just attach them together with a bit of melted chocolate and ta-daa! Cute and fun treats for that dessert table that will fit perfectly this holiday season!


Did someone say delicious Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes?! All the savory goodness of a pumpkin pie with the added fun of icing in a convenient cupcake! I absolutely adore these when the holiday seasons roll around. They make the house smell wonderful, and they are always a favorite! I will admit that I cheat and use these for both holidays! We spend them at different houses, so no one will know!

Try some of these adorable treats for yourself! Stay festive and make that dessert table really shine!

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