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61-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild For Her Daughter Who Couldn’t | HappyTango

61-Year-Old Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchild For Her Daughter Who Couldn’t

Sara battle with infertility, undergoing treatment and trying everything that she could in order to start her family. After delivering stillborn twins and suffering a miscarriage, she began to consider other options.

Her 61-year-old mother, Kristine, had carried her own pregnancies without complications and knew that if she was cleared by doctors, she could carry her daughter’s child – her own grandchild – to term as a surrogate. She discussed the health concerns, risks, and possible complications due to her age, but the main symptom doctors told Kristine to worry about was simply “fatigue.” She laughed.

My mother leaned far back in her chair and began to laugh. ‘Tired!’ she said. ‘I was tired when I had no help and two children under five to run after every day. I’m retired now – I don’t have to do anything. If fatigue is the big factor, I think I can handle it.’ ” Sara wrote.

They moved forward with the surrogacy.

To ensure the safety of the elderly mother and the health of the newborn, little Finnean was delivered via c-section and began a new life with his new family.

Sara’s husband, Bill, was overwhelmed and thankful. More and more families are considering options like this as advancements in IVF treatments become available. Their family is closer than ever, and this beautiful moment was made possible due to the work of dozens of dedicated professionals, a selfless mother, and a loving family!

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