60-Year-Old Mother Steps In When She Witnesses A Man Beating A Young Girl. They Had To 911…For HIM!

Would you step in if you saw someone being abused in public? A shocking number of people would simply walk away because “it’s none of my business.” It happens so often that abusers begin to feel comfortable making public displays…but every once and a while, someone has enough and does something about it. Every once in a while, that “someone” is a small, 60-year-old woman who won’t take smack from anyone.

My mother, who is probably the quietest and most unassuming person I know. We were doing some shopping and we came out of a store to see this huge guy take a swing at this girl while calling her all sorts of filthy names.

He knocked the girl down and she stood up to get away, but he grabbed her and started shaking her and hitting her. The guy was easily 6′ tall or taller and built like a brick house. My mother calmly told me to call 911 and she walked up to the guy, telling him, “If you don’t put her down, I’ll beat your ass like your mother should have.”

I’m on the phone with the cops and I run over to help, as I’m afraid this guy is going to make short work of my mother. The guy threatens to beat my mother up and before I can say anything, he raises his fist to hit her and she slugged him so hard in the solar plexus that he just crumpled to the ground wheezing. At this point, several other bystanders who were just standing around came over and held the guy down until the cops got there.

My mother, who was all of 5’2″ and nearly sixty years old stepped into the middle of a fight to keep a girl from getting hurt or killed. I’ve done absolutely nothing in my life that can compare to what she did.

She didn’t give it a second thought, she just decided to do the right thing. When you see behavior like this, say something. Call the police. Don’t let them get away with it…we might not all be as fierce as this woman, but we can certainly try!


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