6 Weeks Ago She Couldn’t Have Saved Her Father’s Life, But Thanks To This Lesson, He Is Alive Today!

One balmy afternoon, Joe Thomas was taking care of his lawn when he felt a bit faint. He went inside to call his wife, who was out shopping with their daughter. He told her that he didn’t feel well and that they should come back home. As soon as they walked in the front door, Joe collapsed. He as having a heart attack.

Frisco ISD required the children in P.E. classes to learn the proper way to administer CPR. They used test dummies to practice, and 12-year-old Aerin Thomas never thought that she would have to use the lessons so soon, and never on her own father! 5.11a23

Young Aerin watched as her mother jumped into action, calling 911 and starting the chest compression, but Aerin remembered the technique that she had learned in school and knew that her mother was doing it wrong.

I didn’t think she was pushing it in the right place,” she says about her mother’s attempts at CPR.5.11a22

Aerin took over and used every ounce of strength that she could muster in order to keep the chest compressions going for a full five minutes. That’s when paramedics finally arrived.

Her father was rushed to the hospital where the doctors were able to save his life. Her mother knows that they would have lost him if her daughter hadn’t known exactly what to do.

The need for CPR isn’t ever something that you’ll expect. Stay up to date on the correct way to save a life by looking up CPR classes in your area! You never know who will need help. Aerin Thomas sure didn’t, but everyone is glad that she paid attention in school that day!

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