6 Ways To Revamp Your Pantry And Save A TON Of Space!

My pantry looks like it has been hit by a tornado. With so many people using it constantly, it can easily get disorganized within only a day or two. I might spend a few hours one weekend going through the old cans and misplaced pasta boxes, but by mid-week, it’ll be back to it’s regular chaos. These tips are a great way to re-think your pantry space, and I hope they help you out, too!

10.27a1. Sliding storage rack? Yes, please!

For those items that no one else will ever use, consider adding a sliding storage pantry into that awkward space between the fridge and the wall. It’s relatively inexpensive to add in, and it will keep your cooking ingredients away from the madness that is the family pantry. With your cooking spices, canned vegetables, and random ingredients safely tucked away, this will be one area that you don’t have to spend 10 minutes searching for “that one last can of corn I know I put on this shelf!”


10.27b2. Mount your measuring spoons.

Yes! I know that the measuring spoons all connected on a ring are easy to find, but they take up a lot of space, and I hate dirtying all of them when I only need one! What usually happens is that I will remove the one that I want, use it and wash it, and then toss it back into the drawer without re-attaching it to the ring. I know, I’m lazy, but I can’t help it. This is a great idea for me, and it means no more lost spoons in the pantry drawers!



10.27c 3. Mount a wire rack.

If there is a little bit of space between the door of your pantry and the little closet, add a wire rack! It’s cheap and they usually just attach by a little hook at the top! You can keep small bottles and items that might get lost in the shuffle conveniently near the door. If you keep your spices there, it’ll save room on your counter and keep them from being misplaced by curious hands. Keep the glass bottles at the top to so that the little ones can’t reach them! Nothing is worse than hearing a bottle of hot sauce hit the floor…




10.27d4. Add another layer.

If you keep most of your cans on one shelf, you might find that there is room for this style of hanging rack! They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can store even more things in them than before. Use it for loaves of bread, large pastries, or like this picture, random boxes that might not have a home in other drawers. It’s easy and saves a lot of space!


10.27e5. Divide small spaces with curtain rods.

Now, I don’t have access to a lot of small curtain rods, but adding vertical dividers is a great way to keep those pans from sliding all over the place! You can use a lot of different things if you get creative, and the saved space is worth a Saturday afternoon or trial and error. I did this with one area of my pantry. I cut a piece of thin plywood to fit into the shelf and secured it by wedging bits of paper underneath. It’s not as pretty as this picture, but it keeps my pans organized, and that’s all I could ask for!

10.27f6. Organize that cabinet under the sink!

I know, it’s taboo to talk about. But seriously, do you realize how much wasted space there is down there? It’s kind of a weird area. It can smell sometimes, and I’m always irrationally afraid that I’ll find a mouse or a bug down there, but it really is a great place for cleaning products. The problem is, I don’t want to have to pick through all those bottles just to find one thing. Take some time to organize this area with baskets or door hangers and make it a more inviting space. It doesn’t have to be a scary place! I promise!

Hopefully you found some cute ideas to make your space more functional! A few of these I already use, but I’m more determined than ever to organize the murky cabinet lurking under my sink than before. That picture looks so cute! I really want to fix mine up, now.

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