6 Reasons To ALWAYS Wear A Helmet On The Road (YES, Even Kids!)

Growing up, the kids who would ride bikes until the street lamps turned on thought that helmets were dumb. They didn’t look “cool,” and often, would take them off and hide them in a ditch until it was time to go home again. But as time passed, more research and more evidence started proving just how important helmets were – even if you were just a kid riding your bike in the neighborhood – and these pictures are the proof.And it isn’t just helmets for riding motor cylces or dirt bikes. Riding a mountain bike without a helmet could have killed him after the helmet smashed into a rock. This guy was hit by a driver who ran a red light. He wouldn’t have a jaw if it weren’t for his helmet.This guy recovered and lived to ride another day.And from 12 years ago, this helmet saved a boy from certain death.

Can’t believe 12 years ago I was hit by a car,broke both legs/right arm and was air rescued. My helmet saved my life.”

The next time someone says that wearing a helmet isn’t cool, remember how many lives they have saved over the decades. Staying alive? That’s very cool.

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