6 Design Hacks To Help You ORGANIZE Tight Spaces! These Are Genius!

If your home is on the smaller side, you know the daily struggle of keeping things tidy and organized when there just isn’t enough space for everything that you use on a daily basis. Maybe you’re really into crafting and like to keep bolts and bolts of fabric in the spare room, or maybe you have several children who think it’s fun to leave their items anywhere they please…oh, just me? Well, maybe these tips will help you out anyway!

The first step is to analyze your home. Which room needs organizational help the most? Now, which room to you actually want to start in? I can’t just focus on one room at a time, but for these projects, I went ahead and made a list of areas in my home that needed to be organized and it made this entire process much quicker than I would have thought possible!

12.3e1. Make use of your furniture.

In my case, I had a book shelf that was in the hallway because there wasn’t room for it in the living room. It just became piled high with junk because it was a convenient area to drop things after walking into the door. I made use of this tip and moved that book shelf into the bathroom instead. It sounds crazy, but many people are using this trick to save cabinet space and still be able to see all of the items that you own! This will also prevent you from accidentally purchasing an item twice because everything will be on display.

2. Use clear jars for storage.

This is a fun idea for organizing the kid’s craft spaces. You might want to stick with plastic jars if they will be used frequently, but this will keep everything organized, accessible, and out of the way! In my house, clear jars replaced “the crayon bucket” and “the chalk box.”

12.3f3. Store your pots and pans in odd cabinet spaces.

Pots and pans can be hung, stacked, or shoved into those odd cabinet spaces that aren’t much good for anything else. You can use command hooks for the larger items and even a bucket or tray to pile on the lids. It’s not perfect, but you will no longer risk a landslide and will save counter space as well!

4. Use magnets to store your spices.

If your spice rack (in my case, spice cupboard) is filling up and taking up a lot of space on your counter, consider mounting them to the wall instead. Attach a metal plate to one wall of your kitchen and add magnets to small containers. You can buy ready-made sets specifically for spices, or get creative and make your own. Either way, your spices will be up and out of the way, leaving more room on your counters or in your pantry!

12.3g5. Build VERTICAL shelves in one of your cabinets.

This might become a weekend project, but this is one of the best tips out there. Instead of stacking your baking sheets and cookie tins on top of each other in a messy cabinet down below, install these types of shelves for easier and neater storage. Now you have a HUGE cabinet free for bigger items and will have more space to work with.

6. Build shelves everywhere.

If your home is on the smaller side, adding a piece of furniture just for extra shelving can take up a lot of valuable floor space. If you’re organizing the kid’s room, use shelves to display toys that they might not be ready to part with but are taking up too much space on the floor. For your studies or living area, build shelves just above eye level for books, movies, or displaying knick knacks that you can’t bear to part with. Don’t be afraid to add shelves to every room! The space you will save is worth it!

While there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to keeping your home tidy, there are a lot of tips and tricks out there to make the decision easier. The key to organizing is deciding what you can’t live without, and how to store it for functional, everyday use. Make decisions and stick to them! This process will help you to figure out what kind of storage you need, and will make your life so much easier!

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