6 Amazing Egg Decorating Tips That Make Life Easier!

Dyeing eggs are an Easter tradition! Although when it comes to egg decorating there’s a couple things that can go wrong. Either you have a huge mess on your hands…or the eggs turn out looking like a mess.

Create beautiful dyed eggs this Easter with these 6 tips! You’ll see how to properly color, dye, and dry the eggs. After reading this you will be a pro!

1. Dyeing Cheat Sheet
This is an awesome cheat sheet to get beautiful coloring!



2. Use Whisks To Dye!
I wish I would have known this tip sooner! Goodbye dyed hands!


3. Rubber Band Technique
Use the rubber band technique for an easy yet unique design on your egg!


4. Tattoo Eggs
These are awesome! If you want to decorate eggs, but skip the mess, this is for you!


5. Egg Drying Pin-Board
Make a pin-board to easily dry your eggs without messing up their appearance!


6. How to Blow Out an Egg
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 4.54.52 PM

Check out this video to see how to easily blow-out an egg!

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