$57,000 Christmas Tree Doesn’t Look So Bad At Night…But In The Light Of Day, “It Looks How We Feel Inside.”

Like many cities around the world, festive decorations go up around the winter time. Christmas trees are a popular option, but they cost a pretty penny when they stand at a staggering 70 feet, people expect it to be an impressive spectacle. At night, covered in twinkling fairy lights, it isn’t that noticeable and makes for decent pictures. But…during the day light, its appearance has locals calling it a disappointing nickname:

Spelacchio,” or, “Mangy.”

But people aren’t mad about it. The dwindling frame and sparse foliage is strangely relatable to everyone who sees it. Life might be beating it down, but it still took the time to put on its “Sunday Best” day after day and stand proudly…even if it might be dying on the inside.¬†After officials released a statement announcing that, in fact, Spelacchio¬†is dying on the inside, people began to love their quirky tree even more. Apparently, the tree died before it was even decorated. No amount of water is going to save it, but with Christmas only a few days away, the city decided to support its curious tree instead of trying to find and decorate another massive tree.

We kind of love it.


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