500 Elephants Move To A New Reserve In A MASSIVE Relocation Project!

Liwonde National Park is no longer a safe haven for the 500 elephants that live on the reserve. While in the past, it was a great option for the beasts, it has since become an “island” in the middle of a sea of humans as the city surrounding it encroaches on the park. So, how would they go about it? The park was completely surrounded. It wasn’t like they could easily drive the elephants like a Mid-Western cattle drive. Each day, they plan to move up to 24 elephants at a time.7.20a8

They tranquilized the animals a dozen or so at a time. Then, they load them into large truck beds with a crane. The flip their ears over their eyes to block out the sun, and prop their mouths open with twigs to be sure that they can breathe easily through the 185 mile journey.

When it is time to immobilize a calf, they shoot a dart into the mother first and transport the together. One little calf was having trouble breathing, and they realized that it had gotten water into its nasal cavities when its mother had been tranquilized and splashed around in the water source. They monitored its breathing and gave it a little tube of oxygen until it could breathe again.

When they had made the journey, the first thing the mama elephant did was search for her calf, who had been placed in a separate “wake up crate” for their safety.

The elephants are happier now on their larger reserve and will be even safer from humans!

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