50% Can’t See What This Drawing Is Without Reading The Solution! Can YOU See It?

This graffiti art spray-painted hastily on a basement wall has thousands of people baffled. About half of the people who see it can immediately tell what the picture is just by glancing at it for a few moments…

The rest of us had to stare at it for a good half-hour before we realized what we had been looking at for so long! It’s difficult to guess at first, but once you see it, it can’t be unseen!

Savannah Root posted this picture on her personal Facebook page and it has since gained over 7,000 shares!

I stared at this picture for An hour trying to figure out what it was, once you figure it out comment below, please don’t ruin it for anyone… And please don’t comment on this post what it is… Let’s see if it takes you all hours like it did until I had someone show me!”


Of course, some jerk condescendingly wrote a comment that gave it away, “it’s ……, 10 seconds, easy.” But he missed the point! The point is to exercise your mind, focus on the picture, and have fun trying to figure out the puzzle without help! Can you do it? You probably don’t want to look at the comments until you figure it out (because people can’t help themselves), but have fun with this one! It’s a doozy!

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