5-Year-Old’s Technique For EASY Shoe Tying Is Everyone’s New Favorite! No More “Bunnies!”

How did you learn to tie your shoelaces? Many of us learned a song about an adventurous bunny that hopped over hills and traveled through tunnels, dodging rivers, and popping through fields (or something like that), but Colton Lillard decided to toss that nonsense into the past with this outrageously simple method.

The Lillard family’s 5-year-old proudly demonstrated a new way to tie shoes that has parents everywhere singing praises! It’s so simple, we’re wondering why no one has ever heard of it before.

First, he sticks the ends of each shoelace back through the holes they are poking out of. This creates two loops.Next, he ties the loops together – over-under style – twice. This leaves his shoes double-knotted.That’s the entire tutorial. No mess, no crying, no losing bunny ears or getting lost in caves! Parents began to share the video like crazy, claiming that their kids were able to watch it once and instantly understood how to tie their own shoes. With over 13 million views and hundreds of thousands of shares, we can see why!

Share this amazing method with everyone you know! (It’ll probably save at least 15 minutes a day!)

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