5-Year-Old Calls The Police To Warn Them About The Grinch…And They Show Up!

If you were worried about the Grinch stealing Christmas, you can put those fears to rest! A 5-year-old boy named TyLon has saved the day.

On a Saturday night, the young boy got hold of a cell phone and called 911 with a serious concern:

The Grinch was going to steal Christmas!

Dispatch took the call, but realized that it had been a child expressing his concerns and hadn’t been a real emergency. The dispatcher posted about the heartwarming call on Facebook…but Officer Lauren Develle saw it and wanted to do something about it.

When she arrived at his home, his parents were understandably concerned…they had no idea why the police were at their house!They staged an arrest for the big bad Grinch to make sure that no Christmases would be stolen…and asked TyLon for his help!The Grinch was arrested and locked in a cell as TyLon watched, wearing his new Byram Police Department baseball cap!

Thanks to one little boy, Christmas in Byram, Mississippi has been saved!

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