5 Ways To Keep Your Packages SAFE All Year Round

You’ve seen them before, and they infuriate everyone. Videos of package thieves sneaking up to a front door and making off with an expensive purchase, usually never to be seen again. It’s frustrating to watch a hidden camera capture the theft, but a lot of times, the thieves get away with it even when the police have video evidence.

Well, one postal worker is speaking up to let everyone know that there are five steps that people can take to protect their packages that most people just don’t know about.

1.) Track your packages –

USPS, UPS, FedEX, DHL, and Amazon, to name a few, all offer tracking services. While some delivery services offer it automatically, others require you to ask for a tracking number. Some companies instruct their drivers to just leave a package at the front door if no one answers. If the delivery company has this…

2.) Leave a note –

Leave a clear note in your mailbox or somewhere the delivery person will see it: “Leave with neighbor” or “Leave on back porch.” As long as the package doesn’t require signing with ID, most workers don’t mind. Some delivery services don’t have room to hold a package and it will be left on your doorstep unless stated otherwise.

3.) Put your mail on hold –

If you are going out of town (even for just two days), the delivery service may be able to hold your package. USPS will hold your mail for 30 days – all you have to do is ask! Don’t let your mail sit on the porch overnight.

4.) Keep your mailbox empty –

If your box is stuffed full of mail, the USPS will hold your mail and stop all delivery to your home until you clear it out or pick up your mail from your local post office.

5.) Amazon lockers –

Amazon offers alternate pick-up lockers at places such as 7/11 or Safeway and can be held for three days if you won’t be home to accept your package. Just ask for a list of locations!

If you are expecting a package, don’t let package thieves get there first!

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