5 Unique (And EASY!) Party Foods To Serve This New Year’s Eve

With the New Year nearly upon us, people are excited to attend fancy parties and spend the evening having a good time with friends. For most house parties, that means finger foods for all! With a glass in one hand, most people prefer snacks that can be picked up and eaten in one bite. Usually, this is a tedious process…but these ideas are fresh and easy! What’s not to love?

Ring in the holiday with these crazy cool champagne jelly shots!
See the recipe here!

Want a loaded baked potato that can be eaten in just one bite? Cheesy and savory, these miniature baked potatoes will make your dreams come true. Or, at the very least, make you want to grab five and eat them before anyone notices how many you’ve actually eaten.Find out more here!

A fun spin on an old classic, these chocolate-dipped pretzels have one secret ingredient…cookie dough! While raw cookie dough isn’t exactly safe to eat (what with the raw egg and all), but this recipe is made with that in mind!¬†Learn how to make these delicious bites here!

While a plate of cubed cheese might be the easiest, it won’t be the most delicious. Try cheeseballs flavored with all sorts of different toppings!Get the recipe here!

We’ve saved the EASIEST recipe for all! Basically, it’s a salad on a skewer. You’re welcome.
Which you can find here.

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