5 Things That Lose It’s Coolness After You Grow Up

Remember the good ol’ days when a lot of things feel cool just because you’re young? Well, those were the days. Here are some of the things that adulthood unceremoniously messed up.


  1. Chilling at the mall


Gone are the weekends when you just head down the mall and chill with your friends. There’s nothing better to do than play at the arcade, sit by the fastfood joints, or just wander around. Now, the only things you’ notice at the mall are a lot of overpriced items and tons of people you just want to get away from.


  1. Receiving mail from the postal service


Before, when the mailman knocks on the door and hands a letter with your name on it, you can’t help but feel excited. It maybe a reply from your favorite magazine, pop star, or a distant friend. Fast forward to your grown up years, these mails are now bills, bills, and more bills to pay.


  1. Staying up to the wee hours


When you watch a good movie late at night and there’s no class tomorrow, it’s the coolest to stay up late. Some even wait for the next film to play. Try doing it this time around and you’ll surely feel cranky for work the next day. Every hour of sleep is crucial for busy people.


  1. Getting drunk in parties


College students know it best. Visit a house party and you’ll get to meet a lot of people, see some crazy antics, and of course, get drunk. There’s nothing to worry about when you wake up in the morning because you’ll only miss one class. Pull an all-nighter now that you’re an adult and it hurts everywhere.


  1. Statement shirts


If you’re a kid and you wear a statement shirt at the mall or on the street, it feels like you have a big message you want everyone to know. There’s a certain attitude that goes with it, like you have something to say and you do believe in it. But that phase eventually fades. When you’re an adult, it doesn’t fit right and any statement shirt you wear makes you look like you are on protest.

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