5 Things Moms Don’t Want to Hear in the Grocery Store

I’m a new mom (my son is three months old) and I’m sometimes scared to take my baby out in public, especially to the grocery store. Why? Because he (like all babies) cries uncontrollably at times and it’s honestly one of my worst fears to have a cart full of items, already in line; and have this outburst occur. Plus, I can only imagine the looks and/or comments I’d receive from others. The next time you are in the grocery store, please be considerate to moms (especially new moms!). Here are five things that they just don’t want to hear when they are grocery shopping.

  1. “It’s Too Cold to Take Your Baby Out!”tumblr_inline_nhj7orsa3f1qds87iGuess what? Some mothers have no choice but to take their baby out in all kinds of weather. Whether they are a single mother or don’t have anyone around to watch the baby; there are definitely times when they need to be out and about, regardless of the weather. I have actually seen an elderly lady walk up to a mother in the middle of a store and tell her that she should not have taken her baby out in this cold weather; even though the baby was bundled up and completely fine!
  1. “Don’t Give in to Their Tantrums!”rhonjjachowdareyouLet’s be honest. If your toddler has a dramatic outburst over bringing home a piece of candy; many mothers are going to try to quickly quiet them and meet their demands. While this parenting practice is questionable, the last thing a mom wants to hear is a comment about their parenting strategy.
  1. “That’s not Healthy for Your Child to Eat!”Stop-you-right-there-real-housewivesI have seen parents let their children fill their cart with sugary cereals, bags of chips, cookies, sugary juice boxes galore, and even cupcakes. But, I realized it’s not my right or place to make any kind of comment to the mother of those kids about their dietary choices.
  1. “You Need to Quiet Your Child Down!”tumblr_mzgdkcyMmw1ql5yr7o1_400Again, back to number one; a noisy, crying child in a grocery store is most moms’ worst nightmare. It’s not like they want their child to disrupt everyone’s peaceful shopping excursion. So, if you see a lot of tears and tantrums, close your mouth and keep walking. Leave it up to the mommy to smooth things over.
  1. “It’s Not Polite to Stare!”tumblr_mtbufrOGsO1ql5yr7o1_500I have actually witnessed this comment exchange a few years ago. Um, hello everybody! Kids stare! They are little sponges that take absolutely everything in. Part of learning is looking. Plus, most kids are visual learners on top of everything, so yes; they will be looking at you-possibly the entire time you are in the checkout line. Instead of being rude, smile at the child and engage them in a conversation!

Moms are busy. They want to get into the store and then get out. Please keep in mind that there are all kinds of families, children, and parenting styles that exist and it is always better to keep any kind of judging comment to yourself!

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