5 Simple Parenting Hacks To Make Everyday Life EASIER!

Parents shared five easy hacks that were so simple, people wondered why they had never thought of them before! Life can get chaotic, but sometimes, all it takes is one brilliant idea to put the entire day into perspective!

Pop a cupcake paper over popsicle sticks! This works for any frozen treat and keeps those hands clean! Genius!Bubbles can keep the kids occupied for hours, but getting soap spilled everywhere makes the cleanup a nightmare! Attach the bubble tubes to something sturdy – no more spilled containers!
Tired of chasing the kiddos around the car? Make a game of it and stop the madness! These adorable stickers just might help.A coloring box will keep them in one spot long enough for you to get a few chores done! (Or lay on the couch and have a few minutes to yourself!) They can’t color on the real walls, but they can color all over these cardboard walls.This hack is controversial, but thousands of parents swear by it. When the kids don’t want to eat something “healthy,” toss some sprinkles on it. They don’t want to eat their peas? Sprinkles. Carrots are gross? Sprinkles. Fruit is yucky? Sprinkles.

Some parents say that this method works better (for their kids) by using parmesan cheese instead of sugary sprinkles! Will any of these hacks make your lives easier? Have some hacks of your own? Share them!

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