5 Reasons Why Skipping Breakfast Is The Worst Idea

Whether you’re battling the morning commute to work or prepping up for a heavy workout in the gym, a good breakfast will keep your mind and body in sync. Avoid feeling sluggish for the entire day with the help of these energy-boosting recipes.


1. Energy to concentrate in class


Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for kids at school. A healthy serving can provide them the energy needed to stay focused in class, and easy to prepare meals like the Egg-O-Rama has all the nutrients that will keep them active throughout the morning.


2. Lose weight safely


People who can’t seem to lose weight from regular exercises resort to starving themselves. So what happens when they skip breakfast? There’s more chances of becoming overweight and obese because of the erratic eating habit that ensues. Try a Banana Nut Oatmeal instead. Studies show that the more regular meals we eat, the more the body’s metabolic system is stimulated, and the easier fats get burned.


3. Pre-workout power


Get the energy you need for your morning workout from a healthy source of fat, energy, and carbs. Most who frequent the gym are more conscious about what they eat but some of the better meal ideas include oatmeal, eggs, chicken, or turkey. You have to understand that the rate of digestion is crucial, so you can go for Turkey Sandwich With Watercress and Apple to get that needed boost before hitting the gym.


4. For the busy day at the office


Don’t have enough time to fix up and eat breakfast? The perfect solution is meals that you can make ahead. We aren’t talking about food you bought in the grocery store and heat in the microwave. These are fresh servings of fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal that you can cook overnight. For starters, try the Overnight Oatmeal with Apricots and Buttermilk. This will surely jump start your day in the best way.


5. Ready for a long journey


A delicious smoothie that contains natural yogurt and fresh fruit is the best choice before you get on a flight or long drive. You have to stay hydrated during the trip, but not to the point that you feel bloated. Try a smoothie classic strawberry-yogurt combination and get have an enjoyable journey.

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