5 Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Giggle

These hilarious pictures are probably just what you need to make it through the rest of your day! With the invention of a phone that also snaps pictures, there are more and more of these happening every day. Here are some of the most viral from around the internet for you to enjoy! Don’t laugh too hard!

Classic. They got her attention to look at the camera at just the right moment! Someone is sleeping on the couch tonight.

The lighting makes this dog look like it has hair. Or maybe it makes this person look like they have a dog face. Heehee.He was really excited to take a picture! And, well, he wasn’t so excited moments after…Wait, whose cup is that? It looks like someone threw it on purpose!

I’ve tied the maiden to the train tracks and have just robbed the local bank!”

The old timey villain shot is too funny!Have you taken pictures like these before? Getting a picture of something at just the right moment will brighten anyone’s day!

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