5 Kuerig Flavors You’d Be Crazy Not To Try

So you’ve finally ditched the stale coffee at the office for a K-Cup. Well, your taste buds are surely thankful they’ll get to try something new. Live up to it and stay away from a variant similar to that boring blend you’ve had for years. Slap these pods on that new Kuerig machine and shake things up a bit. Here are some surprising flavors you must explore.


1. Donut House Cinnamon Roll


Jump start your morning with this calorie-free flavored coffee and say hello to a brand new day. The usual scents of cinnamon, brown sugar, and a dash of spices are all yours to whiff. Taste the strong mix of cinnamon flavor and dark-roast brew with milk, chai, or simply indulge in its bitter flavor.


2. Green Mountain Island Coconut


If the name doesn’t raise your eyebrows, then drink this odd choice and feel your palettes disjoint afterward. This limited edition pod smells like toasted coconut and is almost an island holiday in a cup.


3. Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa


Now who doesn’t want to try this one? It’s a coffee blend of hot cocoa that will surely elicit some good ol’ childhood memories. The chocolatey flavor introduces you to a goodness in a cup, and the coffee isn’t super robust. Better have this one stocked for those cold winter mornings.


4. Sweet and Creamy Regular Iced Coffee


You probably haven’t sipped iced coffee for a long time, so try this decent number to help you remember. If you have ice on hand, use the K-cups and brew over ice. This medium roast should taste pleasantly creamy and sweet like vanilla ice cream.


5. Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee


Although the label screams sweetness on a high level, this flavored coffee has a smooth body, rich flavor, and a nice balance. And surprisingly enough, there’s no fake-butter flavor in this one.




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