5 Engagement Ring Alternatives You Should Consider!

Engagement rings are part of the beautiful tradition for couples who are about to tie the knot. However, times have greatly changed, and most people prefer something other than a shiny and expensive rock. If you want an alternative that’s more practical and useful, here are some ideas you can look into:

1. Travel to see the world
Instead of settling for a piece of jewellery that can cost up to $50,000, why not use the money for travel? See the beautiful cities, taste authentic dishes, and just have fun going around the world. What’s great about this setup is you can choose your own adventure. Just remember to have a separate stash just in case.

2. Adopt a cuddly pet
Ask couples how enjoyable it is to live with a pet at home and they’ll tell you a lot of cute little stories. The energy cats and dogs bring at home is incomparable; so if you’re planning to adopt a cat or dog, prices can reach up to $1,900 per year. Be ready for a different kind of experience because living with a cuddly companion will sure ask for a lot of teamwork.

3. Save up for your dream house
An engagement ring is surely sweet to own, but it might not be practical for most couples who want to start a family. Lessen the burden of being a home owner and start putting money for it. Down payment for homes is usually 20% of the cost. It’s better to start early than feel the prices go up in the following years.

4. Visit all the events you like
If you’re both sports fans, the best deal doesn’t involve a shiny rock but a pair of season tickets to games of your home team. An NFL season pass costs around $480 to $1,700. If you want to have some a different kind of fun, ski lift season prices can go up to $600 per person. You’ll surely find the investment worth it.

5. Invest in your talents
When you’re in still college, what are the things you are most passionate about? Sure, you’ve skipped it because of now you have work, but it doesn’t mean the fire is already gone. Learn how to play the drums or master the art of cooking. The support you partner gives to pursue what you like makes it more meaningful.

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