5 EASY DIY Projects That You Can Do In Less Than An Hour…For Less Than $5!

We all love home improvement projects! Wait, scratch that, we all love READING about home improvement projects…we don’t all exactly love to do them! They can be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes they don’t turn out quite as “pinterest-worthy” as we first hoped. They sometimes require things you would find “around the house,” but most of the time, that just means a pricey trip to a craft store and procrastination. I have a bag full of stuff that I bought last weekend for a project that…well, let’s face it, I’ll probably never get to.

But THESE crafts are the unique exceptions to the DIY black hole! You can find the things you’ll need at your local discount dollar-or-less type of store. They aren’t complicated and you probably do have most of the things to make them just lying around. Best of all, they won’t take any time at all! (But we don’t count the time it takes for paint and glue to dry.)


Hello, gorgeous! This is exactly what it looks like. A silver platter (or similar, shiny platter) painted with black paint and lined with a string of costume pearls. If you want to get fancy, you can use chalkboard paint for a re-usable craft…but most of us don’t have that lying around, so feel free to opt out of that part. See more at the link below.



Do you have an old glass vase that you don’t use anymore? Did you just check your cabinet full of junk and find an old vase that you forgot you owned and don’t use anymore? Awesome! Take some tape, gold paint, and make an awesome addition to your home! See details at the link below.



This one is so genius! That might look like a wrought iron plaque…but it’s actually a rubber door mat spray painted with white paint! Both of these can be picked up at a discount store if you have the urge to decorate your walls, and you can choose any color you’d like! If you’re going to try a lighter color, spray it with white first (as a base coat) before using a different color. See more at the link below.



Have some old dinner platters or serving trays? Paint the rough parts with acrylic paint! Wait for each layer to dry and paint them roughly 3 – 4 times over. The result is some really awesome wall art! You may want to stick with plastic trays for this if you can’t secure a heavy glass platter. See more at the link below!



Finally, these planters are made with leftover glass squares! It’s so simple, I can’t believe more people don’t create them!

Feeling inspired? Me, too! It’s exciting to see projects that won’t break the bank!



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